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Light Pond Sticks

Nutritious light pond sticks for healthy colourful fish. Helps support a healthy immune system.

1kg         £5.00

1.5kg      £9.39

5kg         £16.55

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Light Pond Sticks Blend

A tricolour blend of ultra-light, low-waste pond sticks suitable for feeding all pond fish.

1.5kg          £9.75

5kg             £17.99

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Oranges & Cream Pond Sticks

A mid-range density, dual colour blend of floating pond sticks for all pond fish.

1.25kg          £5.50

2kg                £10.70

5kg                £16.35

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Growth Pellet

A high protein, colour enhancing growth food for all Koi & pond fish.

4kg          £14.55

10kg        £28.60

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Premium Pond Pellets

Complete nutritious food for all fish.

4kg           £12.55

10kg         £21.25

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Pond Sticks

Nutritious pond sticks for all fish.

4kg               £13.80

10kg             £26.15

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Koi Sticks

Nutritious koi sticks for all types of koi.

3.75kg          £12.15

10kg             £22.15

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Rainbow Sticks

2.5kg               £10.99

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Fish Food Blend

The fish foods available are nutritious complete foods for all species of fish. Individual components (Pond Pellets, Pond Sticks) are also available separately.

4kg              £13.70

10kg            £24.55

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Winter Wheatgerm Pond Pellet

A highly digestible, low-waste pond food for feeding all pond fish at low temperature.

2kg            £4.75

4kg            £11.45

10kg          £20.00

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Pond Flakes

3kg                 £9.99