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Fabric/Plush Duck

15cm         £7.99

Fabric/Plush Bird

39cm          £9.99

Plush Figure with Rope & Tennis Ball

 Assorted  16cm                     £3.99

Plush Cube with 4 Toy Balls

 21cm       £12.99

Honking Toy with TPR Body


Honking Toy with Spike Ball


Honking Chicken


Flush Plush

Assorted         £3.50

Plush Toy

Cow or Dog                £4.75

Crinkle Plush Dogs


Plush Farm Animals Toy

Donkey, Duck or Pig            £5.49

Plush Bone

Assorted         £2.49

Plush Toy


Plush Turtle


Plush Toy with Rope


Plush Stingray With Squeak

Assorted                              £1.20

Plush Duck With Squeak

Assorted                              £1.20