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Fabric/Plush Duck

15cm         £7.99

Fabric/Plush Bird

39cm          £9.99

Plush Figure with Rope & Tennis Ball

 Assorted  16cm                     £3.99

Plush Cube with 4 Toy Balls

 21cm       £12.99

Extra Long Neck Plush Squeaky Toy


Animate Filled Plush Toy


Plush Bone with Rope Toy


Plush Racoon


Plush Safari Animal


Big Buddies Plush Toy


Honking Plush Dog Toy


Honking Giraffe Toy


Flush Plush Soft Squeaky Toy

Assorted         £3.50

Plush Toy

Cow or Dog                £4.75

Crinkle Plush Dogs


Plush Farm Animals Toy

Donkey, Duck or Pig            £5.49

Honking Toy with TPR Body


Honking Toy with Spike Ball


Honking Chicken


Honking Toy with Latex Head


Plush Bone

Assorted         £2.49

Plush Toy


Plush Turtle


Plush Toy with Rope


Plush Stingray With Squeak

Assorted                              £1.20

Plush Duck With Squeak

Assorted                              £1.20

Plush Rabbit With Squeak

Assorted                              £1.20

Plush Pets

Assorted                              £1.20

Honking Dog Toy with Ruffle Tail

Assorted              £4.99

Plush Toy Ball

6cm                 £1.75

Plush Animals

Assorted 10-12cm                              £3.99