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80% Fish Treat


Dog treats containing 80% freshly prepared fish, a highly digestible and palatable animal protein. 

100g              £1.99       

500g              £3.60

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80% Poultry Treat

Dog treats containing 80% freshly prepared poultry, a highly digestible and palatable animal protein.

100g                £1.99

500g                £3.60

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Semi-Moist Cube

A semi-Moist treat for dogs which is ideal as a training aid.

250g            £1.75

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Dental Stix

A dental treat to be used as a treat or reward.

140g/7pk        £1.50

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Rabbit Chew Sticks

20pk              £1.00

Beef Chew Sticks

20pk                     £1.00

Sausage & Bacon

155g        £1.20

Sausage & Beef

155g               £1.20

Tripe Jumbo Rolls

2pk              £1.20

Chicken Jumbo Rolls

2pk            £1.20

Lamb Jumbo Rolls

2pk               £1.20

Venison Sticks 

75g                   £2.99

Delicious Bones

400g               £1.00

Gravy Bones

350g            £1.00

Assorted Treats

400g               £1.00

Marrowbone Treats

400g        £1.00

Hip & Joint Support Bars


Tasty Rashers


Milk Munchies

450g               £1.20

Crunchy Dog Bones

300g        £1.00

Pet Bakery Chicken Bones

240g               £2.99

Pet Bakery Sunday Roast

240g                     £2.99

Pet bakery Cheese Paws

240g               £2.99

Pet bakery Puppy Chicken Bones

240g                £2.99

Pet Bakery Turkey & Cranberry

240g                     £2.99

Whimzees Toothbrush

110ml                      £0.80 each

Snack Bones

A tasty snack that can be used as a training aid or simply as a reward.

300g               £2.00

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Meaty Strips

A meaty treat to be used as a treat or a reward.

150g               £1.40

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Hide Donuts

3"       3pk        £2.20

Hide Knots

6.5"            £1.20 each

Porkhide Pressed Bone

4pk              £1.20

Rawhide Jumbo Knotted Bone


Mini Knotted Bones

5pk               £1.20

Hide Smoked Baseballs

3"         2pk              £3.49

Porkhide Roll

18"                   £1.95

Porkhide Wraps Filled With Sweet Potato

5pk                  £1.20

Meat Filled Bone


Roast Knuckle


Serrano Ham Bites


Serrano Ham Bone


Parma Ham Bone

Large              £1.20

Roast Pork Bone


Gnawler Bone

Chicken or Bacon

5"                   £1.20

One A Day Biscuits

7pk              £1.99


100g                   £1.20

Super Sausage

200g              £1.99

Natural Chicken & Yucca Super Sausage

88g                   £1.99

Milky & Cheesy Bones

1kg                  £3.60

Salami Beef Chew


20g                      40p

Chicken Liver Chew


20g                    40p

Meat Liver Chew


40g                   60p

Liver Chews


40g                   60p

Meat Strip 


35g                   60p

Buffalo Horn

Mini                 £2.20

Pigs Ears

Single                99p

Hide Cigars

Single  5"                  40p

Chicken Stix

50g                 £1.39

Venison Stix 

50g                   £1.39

Duck Stix

50g                 £1.39

Lamb Stix

50g                   £1.39

Rolla Pops

-Handy roll-on bottle with tasty liquid snack for licking.

-longer-lasting reward.

-3 flavours, chicken, salmon & bacon.

45ml               £2.49



40g                  £1.00

Solid Chocolate Bones

125g               £1.20

Large Chocolate Biscuit Bone

5pk                    £1.00

Pink & White Chocolate Mice

125g                          80p

Milk & White Monster Chocolates


5pk                £1.00

Milk & White Mini Chocolates

5pk                £1.00

Chocolate Fish & Chips

6pk                    80p