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Cat Litter Tray Liners

24's              £1.40

Cat Litter Tray Liners

25's               £1.20

Cat Litter Tray With Lid

Available in Pink & Blue


Tray with rim


Blue Or Grey


Cat Litter Freshener

Baby soft scent

400g     £1.20

Cat Litter Freshener

Meadow fresh scent

500g     £1.20

Cat Litter Freshener

Peony pink scent

300ml     £1.20

Sanicat Anti-Bacterial Cat Litter

Non Clumping Litter

25L     £9.69

Pink Cat Litter

30l             £10.75

Wood Cat Litter

30l             £9.49

Litter Scoop

Handy accessory for keeping your cats litter tray fresh & clean.

Available in Blue, Green & Pink


-29cm         85p