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Suitable for Cats 80% Poultry Treat

Freshly prepared poultry treats are formulated with freshly prepared chicken, duck, turkey & rice making them hypoallergenic & highly palatable.

100g           £1.99

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Suitable for Cats Grain Free 80% Fish Treat

Treats containing 80% freshly prepared fish, a highly digestible and palatable animal protein. 

100g           £1.99

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Cat Delight Salmon & Trout Tasty Sticks

6 pack   £1.10

Cat Roller Pop

-Handy roll-on bottle with tasty liquid snack for licking.
-longer-lasting reward, higher reward effect.
- Salmon Flavoured

45ml       £2.49

Seaside Goody Bag

60g                 £1.20

Chicken Dreamies

60g           £1.20

Chicken Lickelix

5pk                 £1.10

Harringtons Tuna Treats

65g                    £1.99

Cat Nip

Drives cats crazy

50g             £2.20

Cat Fish Fillet

10g             £1.39