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Fish & Rice

A hypoallergenic recipe with freshly prepared fish formulated to be gentle on cats digestive tracts with added Chicory extract which may help maintain healthy gut bacteria & thus aid digestion

300g             £2.65

2Kg               £8.65

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Turkey & Rice

Made with freshly prepared Turkey. Hypoallergenic with no added artificial colours, flavours or preservatives. Added Taurine to help maintain a healthy heart and vision

300g             £2.65
 2kg              £8.65

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Duck & Rice

Formulated to be gentle on a cats digestive tract. Hypoallergenic no added wheat, wheat gluten, soya, beef. With freshly prepared duck as a source of highly digestible animal protein. Added Taurine and Chicory Extract

300g             £2.65

2Kg               £8.65

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Super Premium


A rich, nutritious, complete cat food providing all of the essential vitamins & minerals to maintain the health & vitality of your cat.

300g           £1.79

2kg             £5.55

7.5kg          £19.55

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A highly palatable salmon cat food which provides cats with a balanced & complete diet.

300g             £1.79

2kg               £5.55

7.5kg           £19.55

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A rich, highly palatable food, providing the essential nutrition for healthy, growing kittens.

300g              £1.85
2kg                £6.35
7.5kg             £23.20

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Specially formulated for senior cats (7+ years) to aid weight management, joint condition & heart function.

300g            £1.90

2kg              £6.50

7.5kg           £22.95

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