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Make Sure Your Pet Looks Outstanding with Grooming Products from Blackpool, Lancashire

Our pets never fail to give us love, warmth, and happiness. It’s only right that we make sure they always look and feel their best. Based in Blackpool, Lancashire, Paws a Second offers pet grooming and hygiene products that will keep your furry friends feeling fresh and comfortable.

Grooming Products

The products we offer are truly all-encompassing. Among our stock are:

- Combs for Dogs, Cats, and Rabbits
- Flea Combs
- Brushes
- Vitamins
- Shampoos and Conditioners
- Medicated Shampoos
- Nail Clippers

House Train Your Pet

Training pads are available to make house training your puppy hassle-free. In addition, we provide wet wipes and deodorant specifically designed for dogs. 


Care for Your Cat

Cat litter, litter tray liners, and litter tray fresheners are available. In addition, we provide toothpaste to help dogs and cats stay fresh and healthy.

dog shows

Best-in-Class Solutions

Many of our customers enter their pets into shows. That means even the most discerning pet owners rely on our products to ensure their animals look outstanding every day.

grooming tools

Bringing Products to You

It’s hard to find time in your busy schedule to visit the shops for essential pet products. At Paws a Second, our mobile business will bring the items to your doorstep.

Contact us today, in Blackpool, Lancashire, to take advantage of the pet grooming and hygiene products we have to offer.

Supplying Businesses

Paws a Second welcomes enquiries from other businesses. Don’t hesitate to contact us when you are interested in receiving quality supplies from our company.